Public Space, Porta Volta

Design Workshop, Politecnico di Milano
Site: Milano, Italia.
Collaboration with Mikel Sagarminaga.
Year: 2009

Next to the old city gate called Porta Volta Milan, we found this particular abandoned lot. The project aims to rehabilitate this area by generating an urban park. This urban park will contain also as equipment an auditorium and a strip of exhibition pavilions. Both the auditorium as one of the pavilions will have to be projected.

The project proposal is to create an open park that links the auditorium and pavilions as elements that shape the park space itself. This sets the southern edge of the site as a continuous fold, which protects the whole park from the traffic noise of the main street. This fold is equipped with small covered areas inside the park that unify the entire complex as a green bubble in the middle of urban fabric.

Situation Plant.
Conceptual drawings for the auditorium.
Situation Plant and facades.
3D volumetry.
Schemes of the urban siuation.
Detail section.
View from the street.
Views from inside of the park.
Auditorium Plans and sections.
Auditorium Plans and sections.
País Vasco Pavilion
Plants and sections.
Interior space drawing.
Inside space model.
Inside space model.