Bibliowave, Library

Laboratorio Costruzzione, Politecnico di Milano

Site: Oslo, Noruega.
Collaboration with Matteo Biasiolo, Luca Penucchini and Paola Berini.
Year: 2008-2009

The statement of the project proposes the elaboration of a library in Oslo harbor, right at the present location of the Opera House, made by Snohetta. The program of the statement specifies a total area of 30000 sqm including library and shopping area.

The proposed project consists in a longitudinal volume with two levels. The full program of the library is located on the second level and shopping area is located on the first one. The shopping area is opened to the outside in different points to generate public use areas in order to connect the building with the urban surroundings. The shops and the entire library, have a semi-transparent plastic sheet enclosure EFTE to maintain from the inside the privileged view of the harbor.

In the first part of the workshop the project was meant be developed at a basic level. After that, the project should include structure, construction, plumbing, etc.. in order to arrive to the execution project.

Structure analysis.
Construction details.