Hongkou Housing

Urban Town Planing

Site: Shanghai, China.
Collaboration with Matteo Biasiolo and Chiara Sonzogni.
Year: 2009

In the neighborhood of the city of Shanghai known as Hongkou, the urban fabric and residential areas have been overcrowd and deteriorated in the last 30 years. Residents of three blocks of the study area have increased. In the area, now live four times more inhabitants than the area can support. Families live crowded together in their homes-business-shop, and commercial activity takes place in the driveway.

The statement proposes to restructure the project area from scratch. Remove elements that cause the malfunction of the congested urban life, at both public and private scale; clean and enhance the commercial life and residential quality of the area.

The project seeks a configuration of private and public spaces that allow the coexistence of commercial and residential activities in a effective way...


The proposal includes a high density complex formed by 30 level towers, reducing the footprint of residential buildings at ground level. The public and commercial area is located on the ground of the site enhancing urban life. This whole area is under a garden roof that serves as residential and public park.

Shadow plant, city level plant.
Commercial area plant.
General section with construction details.
Inside the commercial area.
Residential Typologies.