Ever since I entered college I have tried to streghten my education with internships, not only in architecture offices but also in other companies and business. Even though my degree is over I know there is still a lot to learn and that this knowledge can only be gained by practice. I believe that being part of a design team is the path to get this expierience. I am keen to learn and to share with the rest my ideas and my energy. I have worked in teams several times and always had positive experiences, I understand there is a time to propose, a time to discuss, a time to draw and there is a time to deadline.

June 2012
Graded Master on Architecture at University E.T.S.A.M (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid).
September 2008 to August 2009
Architecture in Politecnico of Milan, Italy. Erasmus project.

Since 2008 until 2012. Current activity
Cofounder of Espacio Levadura, cultural association. Working as Architect, teacher and designer.
Working at Datum Consultores S.L, (Madrid), Spain. Designer, web developer. Full employee contract.

November 2012 to February 2013
Partnership with Alberca Arquitectos, Madrid, Spain. 3D rendering and modeling. Projects.
June 2011 to Abril 2012
Collaboration with Arana Arquitectos, Madrid, Spain. 3D rendering and modeling. Projects.
June 2011
Architectural competition at Madrid: “Innovación cosentino”, Finalist.
September 2010-February 2011
Working stage at CVDB Arquitectos, Lisboa, Portugal.
May 2010
Architectural competition at Madrid: “Aplicación de paneles solares”. Finalist.
February 2009
Architectural competition at Milano, Italy. Interiorism project for the Armsrong Company. 4th place.
October 2007 to March 2008
Studio of Architect Jose Manuel Pueyo Infante, Madrid, Spain. Project, computer drawing.
June 2006 to August 2006
Working with Disarq Studio, Madrid, Spain. Project, computer drawing, value of private property.

Archicad 2D and 3D, Autocad 2D and 3D, Sketchup, Artlantis, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Indesign,
Dreamweaver, Microsoft office, I work (mac).

Spanish, mother tongue; English, fluent; Portuguese, fluent; Italian, fluent.

Date and place of birth: Madrid, Spain. 25.11.1985
Nationality: Spanish
+34 91 388 44 88
+34 647 85 17 18
E-mail :